Saturday, February 4, 2012

Naul - One more time (나얼 - 한번만 더)

Naul, a person who made minimal TV appearance yet has a reputation of soul king vocalist in Korea. He is known for many songs which he may have worked on it solo like this song, or many other hit songs from Brown Eyes and Brown Eyed Soul.

This song isn't the famous one from the album, rather 귀로 is the famous song which may many people in Korea may know Naul as. It is possibly because the other song is easier to sing along than this one (it isn't easy to sing like him at all lol). He's voice is one of kind or maybe i should say his talent in general. I really hope he shows up on I am a Singer, even though it doesn't really go well with many of the idea that singers have.

Listen to Podcast(M4U with Denny) in Hustle Real Hard - Dok2

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