Monday, February 27, 2012

Korean Music of the Day #52

#52 - John Park - Falling (존 박)

I try not to put up a lot of new musics in this segment, but this was interesting to me so here it is. John Park was initially a contestant on American Idol. Koreans being Koreans, they praised him for just being Korean in a foreign show and doing good. After that he participated in the show called SuperStar K which made him more famous with Huh Gak. 

After the show, he has been working with Kim Dong Ryul and came out with this album. He had the 2nd place in the show, but his album wasn't as fast as others which is why others had anticipated for this album more. At first, I didn't appreciate how he wasn't using his normal talking voice colour to sing it, but suddenly when this song was playing its chorus part in the morning as an alarm, it sounded so beautiful.

Listen to Podcast(M4U with Denny) in Hustle Real Hard - Dok2

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