Sunday, March 11, 2012

Korean Music of the Day #58

T(Tasha) - Black Happiness (윤미래 - 검은 행복)

 T is one of those female vocalist  who is so talented, it is so unfortunate she haven't started a career outside Korea. When foreign musicians come into Korea to perform and when they hear her, they all said she would be successful in both rapping and singing career.

She is the wife of Drunken Tiger aka Tiger JK. She has the energy and skill to outperform possibly every single musician in Korea, but she is in the field of hip-hop and performing with her crew seems like something they enjoy and what makes us enjoy them too.

Listen to Podcast(M4U with Denny) in Hustle Real Hard - Dok2


  1. It's not that she oouldn't, i don't think she has even tried. But she is going to expand her career to the US this year.

    1. Ya, she was given a chance to perform in US before, but I believe she turned it down. She was also named one of the powerful female rapper in the world. It's good to hear she will be expanding her career :)