Thursday, November 8, 2012

SES - Running (달리기)

This song is great for giving hope and helping you find that hidden strength you thought you lost. SES was a 3 female member group that was dominating the early idol stage, having a rivalry with Fin.kl or however you spell that. All 3 of them are kind of still active in the entertainment business. Although 2 of them are married, they are all beautiful as always. This song is not an original by them. The original was done by an artist named "Yoon Sang." I believe I played one of his songs before (not sung by him).

The original:

I find original to be more soothing, because the voice is deeper and sounds more soft to me. WAIT! that is not all. I have stumbled upon an another cover by an artist named YounHa. It is not an official cover, because it was part of her radio program. She is a very skillful vocalist who have done many other covers besides this one. So if interested, you should definitely stalking her and find everything about her.

Listen to Podcast(M4U with Denny) in Hustle Real Hard - Dok2

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