Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Featured Korean Singer - Yoo Seung Joon (유승준)


I usually do one song of the day, but since I am probably going to introduce all the song from this artist, why not just have an artist feature. He is Yoo Seung Joon or Yoo Seung Jun or million other ways to spell his name. He is both legendary, infamous, and unfortunate artist ever in Korea. He made his debut in 1997 with the first song above. I believe he was from US and as you can see he has these eyes which are so charismatic and moves that are unbelievably smooth for 1997. Also at the time, there weren't a lot of so called "Handsome" Idols as it was the beginning of the idol era. As soon as he made his debut, he was successful and it was continued on for the next album and the next one as well.


I personally don't know the exact chronological orders of his song, so the second one will be passion. This shows his clear dance skill and swag he had. Many of the songs in the 90s were lip sync, because of all these dance. But according to the title, the first song was a live which is surprisingly awesome.
One of the best thing about him was that he is so charismatic on the stage, but so funny in TV shows. He had huge support from fans and they continued throughout his career.

Hope you find it

Now all the people who remember Yoo Seung Joon from his early career success and knew what he was capable of is saying we lost a talent and he had all these skills and swag way better than the current idols and almost 10 years earlier than them.

The story goes like this. As a Korean, you have to serve the army for about 2 years, however he had US citizenship and when the country called him to the army, he decided to get out of Korea. Of course, Korea is very sensitive to this matter and the news and the media were bombarding him. Now they are very understandable, because he was working at Korea for long time and was very famous. Someone also told me he was promoting the army at one point.

But here comes a huge problem. The country. YES. The government bans him from ever coming back to Korea. I believe he hasn't been back in Korea ever since. Very recently there were couple of TV shows which tried to bring him back in Korea and lift the abandonment, but no one has enough power to go against the government at this point.

Ever since he has been working in China and been bit of a success but I am very sad like many other people that we lost a huge talent which is legend at the moment but could have been the next huge LEEEEEEEEEEEEGEND in Korean music history and I'm just very sad that he left.

I'm not arguing or even supporting him for the actions he took to avoid going to the army. But for government to act in this way when they got all these problem inside their own little group seems very overboard. Anyway, he did do some featuring for couple of Korean hip hop artist couple of years ago, but obviously they can only be contained in the album, and they don't broadcast it through the TV.

And now I leave you with the final song I have for you from him. Na Na Na

Listen to Podcast(M4U with Denny) in Hustle Real Hard - Dok2

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  1. No offense to any other kpop fans out there but Yoo Seung Jun was the greatest solo artist that Korea ever had. It was unfortunate that he made an error of judgement but he had the greatest talent as a rapper and dancer. Currently pop sensation Taeyang who is high flying internationally regards Yoo Seung Jun as a childhood hero who he inspired to become like one day before that scandal broke out. Even if he never comes back to Korea, he will be the most talented rapper and dancer that the History of K-pop has seen.