Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yoon Sang's Songbook (윤상의 노래집)

For today's Korean music of the Day, I have selected a whole album. YoonSang's Songbook was released in 2008 and a lot of artists have participated in this album. Yoon Sang is currently one of the mentor for a program called Magnificent Birth (위대한 탄생) and also seems to be very close to IU. He used to be a famous singer before and also a well-regarded producer.

I have previously played a song from this album by Jo Won Sun when it was a guest playlist day with Mr. Chan. The whole album is full of beautiful songs with artist which you may have heard of such as SNSD.

01 . N→Play with me! (bk! & K MPM Mix)
02 . 이별 없던 세상 김형중+haihm
03 . 랄랄라_소녀시대+윤상
04 . Runner’s high_PEPPERTONES
05 . 행복을 기다리며_My Aunt Mary
06 . 한 걸음 더_Sweet Sorrow
07 . 배반_노영심
08 . 마지막 거짓말_junø
09 . 이별의 그늘_Lucia of Ahn Trio+junø
10 . 사랑이란_엄정화+박지만

01 . El camino_정재일
02 . 소리_W & Whale
03 . 넌 쉽게 말했지만_조원선+윤상
04 . 새벽_유희열
05 . 너에게_김태형+Kayip
06 . 가려진 시간 사이로_윤건
07 . 흩어진 나날들_Casker
08 . 소년_이선균+박지만
08 . 질주_Astro Bits
10 . OUT→Play with him! (AtpwM mix)


Friday, December 30, 2011

M4U with Denny - Episode 7

This is the recording of Part 1 that aired October 24. Part 2 can be found on the cfrc archive or edited version can be found in podcast that edited out the beginning and BBC.

Find New Korean Music which you may never know but will be awesomized by discovering them through M4U with Denny.


Dynamic Duo - Wihtout You Teaser (다이나믹듀오 - 거기서 거기)

Dynamic Duo's new song "Without You"'s teaser came out. It will be Dynamic Duo's 6th album. They have been coming onto a lot of TV shows including music programs after they finished their army service. They have been compared to Lessang as a rival, because they are a duo and play hip hop, but they have answered that they are two distinctly different group with different fan base.

I personally love both of them and this teaser is just awesomely crazy awesome. Dynamic Duo's music videos have been always entertaining and musics are also happish, which i love. Just can't wait for the whole album.

Perhaps That - Park Bo Young (아마도 그건 - 박보영)

Korean Music of the Day

The song was an OST in a famous Korean movie, Speedy Scandal. It is chosen as a music of the day because I have been rewatching a lot of old Korean movies these days and this just popped out.
I believe Park Bo Young didn't actually sing this song, but she did a pretty good lip-synch in the movie and I guess there are some similarities.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Korean Radio Show Episode 5
This is the link to the part 1 of the show that was broadcasted on october 17/2011

Part 2 can be found in the cfrc archive, or the edited version of podcast can be found on itunes. There is a link on the right menu where you can simply click and find.


Brown Eyed Soul - With Chocolate

Korean Music of the Day --> Brown Eyed Soul - With Chocolate (브라운아이드소울).

The album including this song was released about a year ago. As usual Brown Eyed Soul did not make a lot of TV appearances, however their skills are never hidden from the people. Na-Ul was already famous with his soulful skill and voice and also dating a Korean actress made him the well known member of the group.

Jung-Yeop has also started to show around the major entertainment TV shows outside the radio and music programs and that also gave him the recognition he should've gotten. It is unfortunate how the other two members are still quite hidden from the general public, but their voices are still remembered and will never be forgotten.

Browneyed Soul - 브라운 아이드 소울(Browneyed Soul)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kim Soo Chul - get a hold of yourself (김수철 - 정신차려)

Kim Soo Chul (김수철) - Get a hold of yourself (정신차려) is the 1st Korean Music of the Day. This song was released in 1989 and the main chorus melody is quite famous and still used in different ways to response in a comedic way.
Jaurim did a recent cover of this song in "I am a Singer". I like a lot of songs that Jaurim did in the show, both their version and the original, but I personally like the original one better for this one. I think it's that awesome energetic dancing he does. :)

M4U Episode 1 (09/12/2011)

 That is the link to the first part of the first day.

that is the link to the podcast in itunes. The podcast will be an edited version with correct start and without BBC.

Nov. 21/ 2011 - FruitFlower Playlist

  1. Yozoh(요조) - Morning Star(모닝스타)
  2. J Rabbit - R U Tired (힘든가요)
  3. J Rabbit - You these days (요즘 너 말야)
  4. UV - Tralala (트랄랄라)
  5. Clazzi - We have changed feat. Seul Ong of 2AM (우리 변한거잖아)
  6. Noel (노을) - Break up dream (이별꿈)
  7. Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
  8. Gummi (거미) - Memory Loss (기억상실)
  9. Tree Bicycle (나무 자전거) - Lucky Day (운수 좋은날)
  10. Jung Joon Il (정준일) - I like it (난 좋아)
  11. After School - Love Love Love
  12. Sweet Sorrow - One Step More (한걸음 더)
  13. 10cm - Kingstar
  14. Jo Won Sun (조원선) - You speak easily (넌 쉽게 말했지만)
This playlist was made November 21st, 2011. The bold words are the name of the artist and the song titles are next to the name. I have added Korean next to few of them because the translation or the pronunciation can be tricky.
The recording of the show can be found on archive on the date of Nov. 21/2011 time 10-11:30 am.

M4U With Denny

M4U With Denny is a Radio show that is currently being hosted at cfrc (
It goes live every Tuesday from 10-11:30 am starting from January 9. I will be introducing you the Korean Pop, Indie Music, Old Classics, and Hidden Album songs from different artist.
Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do and spread the Kpop to your friends and listen to the awesomness everyday.